Number 67

M. G. Ponomarenko New taxonomic data on Dichomeridinae (Lepidoptera, Gelechiidae) from the Russian Far East.

Number 66

Yu. A. Tshistjakov New data on the lappet-moths (Lepidoptera, Lasiocampidae) of the Russian Far East.

Number 65

V. A. Mutin New data on the genus Brachyopa Meigen, 1822 (Diptera, Syrphidae) from Russian Far East.

D. I. Gritskevich Hover-flies (Diptera: Syrphidae) in anthophilous complexes of plants of Myaochan Range, Khabarovskii krai.

D. S. Aristov A new species of the Permian genus Kungurmica (Grylloblattida: Permembiidae).

Number 64

T. I. Arefina A redescription of the Anabolia appendix (Ulmer, 1905) (Trichoptera: Limnephilidae).

S. Yu. Storozhenko New data on grasshoppers (Orthoptera, Acrididae) of North-East Asia.

Number 63

P. B. Klimov To the knowledge of mites and ticks (Acari) of Kuril Islands.

Number 62

B. M. Mamaev and A. I. Zaitzev Ten new species of gall midges of the genus Camptomyia Kieffer (Diptra, Cecidomyiidae) from East Palaearctic Region.

Number 61

V. A. Mutin Hover-flies (Diptera, Syrphidae) collected in Kuril Islands in 1997.

Number 60

E. V. Mikhaljova New and little-known millipedes (Diplopoda) from the Russian Far East.

Number 59

P. B. Klimov A new tribe of acarid mites of the subfamily Rhizoglyphinae (Acariformes, Acaridae).

G. Sh. Lafer Supplementary accounts of the ground-beetls fauna (Coleoptera, Carabidae) of the Southern Kuril Islands.

Number 58

Yu. A. Tshistjakov A brief account of the Thyrididae (Lepidoptera) of the Russian Far East.

Number 57

V. V. Dubatolov Social wasps (Hymenoptera, Vespidae: Polistinae, Vespinae) of Siberia in the collection of Siberian Zoological Museum.

A. V. Ivannikov, A. V. Katokhin and V. S. Sidorenko List of Drosophilidae (Diptera) of West Siberia.

Number 56

V. S. Sidorenko New data on Asian drosophilid flies (Diptera, Drosophilidae). Part 3.

Number 55

M. V. Michailovskaya Phorid flies (Diptera, Phoridae) of the Kuril Islands.

Number 54

S. A. Belokobylskij Three new genera of the Braconidae (Hymenoptera) from East Asia.

Number 53

A. N. Streltzov A new subspecies of Erebia oculta Roos et Kimmich, 1983 (Lepidoptera, Satyridae) from North-Eastern Transbaicalia.

Number 52

M. V. Michailovskaya A review of the genus Spiniphora Malloch (Diptera, Phoridae) from the Russian Far East.

G. I. Yurshenko and G.I. Turova On biology of the tachinid-fly Carcelia matsukarehae Shima (Diptera, Tachinidae) in Primorye territory.