S. Yu. Storozhenko

New data on grasshoppers (Orthoptera, Acrididae) of North-East Asia.

Number: 64, Pages: 6 - 8

New data on synonymy and distribution of grasshoppers are discussed. Zubovskya koeppeni dolichocerata Huang, 1987, stat. n. is considered as subspecies of Z. koeppeni (Zubovsky, 1900). New synonymies are established: Zubovskya koeppeni parvula (Ikonnikov, 1911) = Z. brachycera Huang, 1987, syn. n.; Z. mistshenkoi Storozhenko, 1980 = Z. striata Huang, 1987, syn. n.; Primnoa tristis Mistshenko, 1951 = P. assimilis Mistshenko, 1951, syn. n. = P. robusta Mistshenko, 1951, syn. n.; P. halrasana H. Lee et Ch. Lee, 1984 = P. koreana Storozhenko, 1991, syn. n. Primnoa orientalis Storozhenko, 1983, stat. n. is considered as a distinct species. Stenocatantops mistshenkoi F. Willemse, 1968 is firstly mentioned from Japan.

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