M. G. Ponomarenko

New taxonomic data on Dichomeridinae (Lepidoptera, Gelechiidae) from the Russian Far East.

Number: 67, Pages: 1 - 17

Seven new species (Helcystogramma flavilineolella sp. n., H. claripunctella sp. n., Acanthophila beljaevi sp. n., A. kuznetzovi sp. n., A. silvestrella sp. n., Neofaculta taigana sp. n. and Faristenia nemoriella sp. n.) are described. Acanthophila qinlingensis (Li et Zheng), Dichomeris aomoriensis Park et Hodges, D. obscura Li et Zheng are recorded for the first time from Russia and Acompsia cinerella (Cl.) , Helcystogramma ineruditum (Meyr.) and Dichomeris quercicola Meyr. are firstly mentioned from Primorskii krai.

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