P. B. Klimov

A new tribe of acarid mites of the subfamily Rhizoglyphinae (Acariformes, Acaridae).

Number: 59, Pages: 1 - 19

Thyreophagini trib. n. is proposed for the genera Thyreophagus Rondani, 1874, Michaelopus Fain et Johnston, 1974, Boletoglyphus Volgin, 1953 and Capillaroglyphus Klimov gen. n. Capillaroglyphus polypori, gen. et sp. n. is described (all stages) from the Far East of Russia and Japan. New synonymy and combination are established: Thyreophagus Rondani, 1874 = Fumouzea Zachvatkin, 1953, syn. n.; Michaelopus lignieri (Zachvatkin, 1953), comb. n. from Monieziella. Keys to tribes of the subfamily Rhizoglyphinae and genera of new tribe are given.

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