E. A. Makarchenko, M. A. Makarchenko and O. V. Zorina

A preliminary list of Chironomidae (Diptera) of the Primorye Territory (Russian Far East).

Number: 78, Pages: 1 - 15

The two hundred twenty five species of Chironomidae (Diptera) belonging to 96 genera from 6 subfamilies from Primorye Territory are listed. Fifty four species are distributed in Palaearctic and 31 species occur in Holarctic. Two Nearctic species, Rheocricotopus chalybeatus (Edwards) and R. eminellobus (Saether), are recorded for Palaearctic region for the first time. Seven species are distributed only in Japan and Primorye Territory, and are recorded for Russia for the first time. Three species are collected in the Far East for the first time too.

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