V. S. Sidorenko

Phylogeny of the tribe Steganini Hendel and some related taxa (Diptera, Drosophilidae).

Number: 111, Pages: 1 - 20

Phylogenetic relationships of the tribe Steganini and some related taxa of the subfamily Steganinae were analysed. 31 species of Steganinae as ingroup and 3 species representatives of three ephydroid families as outgroup were studied. 78 adult morphological characters (from the head to the male and female terminalia) were extracted for the analysis. The data matrix was subjected to a cladistic analysis by PAUP 4.0b8 and gilded a consensus tree (length of 328 steps, CI – 0.3865, HI – 0.6135, RI – 0.6311, RC – 0.2439). Results of analysis support the former suprageneric classification (Grimaldi, 1990) but taxonomic status of some genera and subgenera must be changed. Anastega Sidorenko, subgen. n. is described in the genus Stegana. Subgenus Nankangomyia Maca et Lin, 1993, comb. n. is transferred from the genus Leucophenga (tribe Steganini) to the genus Cacoxenus (tribe Gitonini), therefore new combinations are proposed: C. ( N.) academicus (Maca et Lin, 1993), comb. n.; C. (N.) leucophengoides (Sturtevant, 1927), comb. n.; C. (N.) parallelinervis (Duda, 1924), comb. n.; C. (N.) philippinensis (Sidorenko, 1998), comb. n. Parastegana Okada, 1971, stat. n. is considered as distinct genus of tribe Gitonini with following species: P. drosophiloides (Toda et Peng, 1992), comb. n.; P. femorata (Duda, 1923), comb. n.; P. maculipennis (Okada, 1971), comb. n. Pseudostegana Okada, 1978, stat. n. is considered as distinct genus of tribe Gitonini with following species: P. albinotata (Okada, 1982), comb. n.; P. campanularia (Okada, 1982), comb. n.; P. fleximidiata (Takada, Momma et Shima, 1973), comb. n.; P. grandipalpis (Takada et Momma, 1975), comb. n.; P. hirta (Okada, 1982), comb. n.; P. javana (Okada, 1978), comb. n.; P. lacrymaria (Okada, 1982), comb. n.; P. latipalpis (Sidorenko, 1998), comb. n.; P. latiparma (Okada, 1982), comb. n.; P. latizonaria (Okada, 1982), comb. n.; P. lineoparma (Okada, 1982), comb. n.; P. malayana (Okada, 1978), comb. n.; P. zonaria (Okada, 1982), comb. n. Among the studied species of the subgenus Steganina three species-groups were established (two of them for the first time).

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