New name for the Artemisia species (Asteraceae) endemic to Maguntan mud volcano, Sakhalin, Russia

Takahashi H., Barkalov V.Yu., Nagamasu H., Azuma T.

В журнале Journal of Japanese Botany

Год: 2023 Том: 98 Номер: 5 Страницы: 221-226

As the name Artemisia limosa H.Koidz. used for the mugwort species endemic to the Maguntan mud volcano on Sakhalin Island, Russia, was not validly published (nomen nudum), a new combination, A. yamadae (Kitam.) Hideki Takah. & Barkalov, is proposed based on A. borealis Pall. var. yamadae Kitam. The species is endemic to Sakhalin and threatened.

DOI 10.51033/jjapbot.ID0158