Review of the tribe Ctenotillini (Hymenoptera: Mutillidae) from Oriental and Palaearctic Regions

Lelej A.S.

В журнале Far Eastern Entomologist

Год: 2023 Номер: 480 Страницы: 1-22

Seven species in the genera Ctenotilla Bischoff, 1920, Cephalotilla Bischoff, 1920, Denistilla gen. n. (type species Mutilla pauli André, 1898), Lehritilla Lelej, 2005, and Williamstilla gen. n. (type species Ctenotilla guangdongensis Lelej, 1992) are reviewed and two new genera are described. New combinations are proposed for Cephalotilla porcella (Turner, 1911), comb. n., Denistilla pauli (André, 1898), comb. n., Lehritilla ianthis (Turner, 1911), comb. n., L. locascioi (Lelej, 2005), comb. n., and Williamstilla guangdongensis (Lelej, 1992), comb. n. The genus Cephalotilla is newly recorded from Oriental Region, the genus Pristo- mutilla Ashmead, 1903 is excluded from Oriental fauna. Denistilla pauli (André, 1898) is newly recorded from India. Keys to the seven species of one Palaearctic and four Oriental genera are provided.

DOI 10.25221/fee.480.1

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