Mitochodrial Genome of Phylloscopus examinandus and Hypothesis of Its Origin

Spiridonova L.N., Valchuk O.P.

В журнале Russian Journal of Genetics

Год: 2022 Том: 58 Номер: 3 Страницы: 365-368

The complete mitochondrial genome sequencing of the three nesting warblers Phylloscopus examinandus (Stresemann, 1913) (Passeriformes, Phylloscopidae) from Sakhalin Island was carried out for the first time. The mitochondrial genome structure was typical for the genus Phylloscopus with two control regions: functional CRI and partial (pseudo-) CRII. The genetic divergence between Ph. examinandus and Ph. borealis (GenBank) previously considered as subspecies, amounted to more than 4% according to our data that significantly exceed the interspecific values for birds (about 2%). Besides the taxon-specific mt-haplotype the one specimen of Ph. examinandus had a nuclear copy of mitochondrial DNA similar to the mitochondrial haplotype Ph. borealis. It allows us to suppose Ph. examinandus mt-haplotype origin hypothesis from the nuclear genome of Ph. borealis through intergenomic recombination, previously described for other passerines.

DOI 10.1134/S1022795422030140