Clarification of the status of Paraferreola Šustera, 1912 as an available genus name in Pompilidae, and the identity of Sphex ursus Fabricius, 1793 in Mutillidae (Hymenoptera)

Brothers D.J., Lelej A.S., Williams K.A.

В журнале Journal of Hymenoptera Research

Год: 2022 Том: 91 Страницы: 429–444

The usage of Paraferreola Šustera, 1912 since its proposal as a genus of spider wasps, but based on a misi- dentified type species (Sphex ursus Fabricius, 1793, actually a species of Mutillidae), shows that it contin- ues to be applied (although infrequently) in Pompilidae, despite the proposal of new names (Eoferreola Arnold, 1935 and Tea Pate, 1946) for the equivalent generic concept. Application of Article 70.3.2 of the fourth edition of the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature permits correction of the erroneous type species designation to that originally intended (Sphex rhombica Christ, 1791), and thus the mainte- nance of Paraferreola as a valid genus in Pompilidae. Examination of the holotype specimen of Sphex ursus has shown it to be a senior synonym of Mutilla vesta Cresson, 1865 and its junior synonyms, for which the valid name must thus be Dasymutilla ursus (Fabricius, 1793), comb. nov.

DOI 10.3897/jhr.91.84964