Intraspecific genetic differentiation of the Siberian Rubythroat (Luscinia calliope): Data of sequencing the mtDNA cytochrome b gene

Spiridonova L.N., Val'chuk O.P., Belov P.S., Maslovsky K.S.

В журнале Russian Journal of Genetics

Год: 2013 Том: 49 Номер: 6 Страницы: 735–742

For the first time, genetic diversity and intraspecific structure of Luscinia calliope was studied according to the data of the mtDNA cytochrome b gene sequencing. The strong differentiation of haplotypes of the Siberian Rubythroat into western and eastern groups, which include subspecies according to their geographical attachment, was revealed. A high-haplotypic (Hd = 0.986) and nucleotide (π= 0.00875) variety was shown for the species as a whole. We revealed considerable genetic distances (D = 0.016) between the western and eastern haplotypes that were four times higher than the intraspecific distances in terms of cytochrome b for passerines (D = 0.004). For three birds from Transbaikal, significant genetic divergence was detected, which could indirectly indicate the existence of the hybrid zone of several subspecies in this part of the area.

DOI 10.1134/S1022795413060136