To the knowledge of velvet ants of the genera Artiotilla Invrea, Radoszkowskitilla Lelej and Taiwanomyrme Tsuneki (Hymenoptera: Mutillidae)

Lelej A.S.

В журнале Far Eastern Entomologist

Год: 2020 Номер: 410 Страницы: 1-10

The genera Artiotilla Invrea, Radoszkowskitilla Lelej and species A. afghanica (Suarez) and R. aulica (Smith) are newly recorded from Pakistan and A. afghanica is the first record from Iran. Taiwanomyrme cheni sp. n. (China: Yunnan) is described and illustrated. A new synonymy is proposed for Radoszkowskitilla aulica (Smith, 1855), comb. n. = R. karnataka Lelej, 2005, syn. n. and R. ceylonica (Lelej, 1993) = R. tamila Lelej, 2005, syn. n. A new combination is proposed for Artiotilla mesopotamica (Bischoff, 1914), comb. n. from genus Trogaspidia Ashmead. The keys to the species in males and females of the genera Radoszkowskitilla and females of Taiwanomyrme are given.

DOI 10.25221/fee.410.1