Illustrated and annotated checklist of the Russian cuckoo-wasps (Hymenoptera, Chrysididae)

Rosa P., Lelej A.S., Belokobylskij S.A., Vinokurov N.B., Zaytseva L.A.

Год: 2019

ISBN: 0250-4413

An updated and annotated checklist of the Russian Chrysididae is here presented with some taxonomic notes. A total of 340 species and 13 subspecies belonging to 23 genera and two subfamilies, Cleptinae and Chrysidinae, are listed. Additionally, the checklist includes an additional 39 species described or cited generically for Caucasus without any precise locality and possibly collected in the Russian Caucasus for a total of 392 species and subspecies. Further notes are provided for an additional 36 species and subspecies cited for Russia but considered doubtful and debatable.