Subalpine vegetation of Mt. Vysokaya (Middle Sikhote-Alin)

Grishin S.Y., Krestov P.V., Okitsu S.

В журнале Plant ecology

Год: 1996 Том: 127 Страницы: 155-172

The subalpine vegetation structure of Mt. Vysokaya, the Central Sikhote-Alin, is described. This vegetation consists mainly of subalpine spruce-fir forest, a complex of subalpine meadows, shrubs, groves of Betula lanata (B. ermanii s.l.), krummholz of Pinus pumila and alpine tundras. Significant disturbances in the vegetation structure were noted, especially in the forest-tundra ecotone accompanying a sharp reduction of the belts of Betula lanata and Pinus pumila. The altitudinal level of the upper timberline reaches 1600 m a.s.l. which is 250 m less than the expected altitude calculated by Kira's warmth index. An undergrowth of scattered trees of Picea and Betula are growing up to the mountain top. Based on these data and a review of the literature, we concluded that a catastrophic lowering of the timberline and devastation of the subalpine vegetation belt occurred several centuries ago, probably as result of fires.

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