The rolB plant oncogene affects multiple signaling protein modules related to hormone signaling and plant defense

Bulgakov V.P., Vereshchagina Y.V., Bulgakov D.V., Veremeichik G.N., Shkryl Y.N.

В журнале Scientific Reports

Год: 2018 Том: 8 Номер: 1

The rolB plant oncogene of Agrobacterium rhizogenes perturbs many biochemical processes in transformed plant cells, thereby causing their neoplastic reprogramming. The oncogene renders the cells more tolerant to environmental stresses and herbicides and inhibits ROS elevation and programmed cell death. In the present work, we performed a proteomic analysis of Arabidopsis thaliana rolB-expressing callus line AtB-2, which represents a line with moderate expression of the oncogene. Our results show that under these conditions rolB greatly perturbs the expression of some chaperone-type proteins such as heat-shock proteins and cyclophilins. Heat-shock proteins of the DnaK subfamily were overexpressed in rolB-transformed calli, whereas the abundance of cyclophilins, members of the closely related single-domain cyclophilin family was decreased. Real-time PCR analysis of corresponding genes confirmed the reliability of proteomics data because gene expression correlated well with the expression of proteins. Bioinformatics analysis indicates that rolB can potentially affect several levels of signaling protein modules, including effector-triggered immunity (via the RPM1-RPS2 signaling module), the miRNA processing machinery, auxin and cytokinin signaling, the calcium signaling system and secondary metabolism.

DOI 10.1038/s41598-018-20694-6