Further chromosome studies on the flora of Sakhalin and the Kurils, with additions from adjacent regions of the Russian Far East

Probatova N.S., Krivenko D.A., Barkalov V.Yu.

В журнале Botanica Pacifica: a journal of plant science and conservation

Год: 2017 Том: 6 Номер: 2 Страницы: 69-75

The chromosome numbers (2n) for 38 species and one hybrid (35 genera) from Sakhalin, the Kurils, Khabarovskii Krai, Primorskii Krai and Kamchatskii Krai are presented. For the first time they are revealed in two endemic species - Ligularia sachalinensis Nakai and Pentactina schlothauerae (Ignatov et Worosch.) V. Yakubov. New cytotype is found in Viola sacchalinensis H. Boissieu. A group of alien species, anthropophytes, were studied from Sakhalin and some other regions of the Russian Far East (RFE). For 6 alien taxa: Chenopodium strictum Roth, Leonurus quinquelobatus Gilib., Lupinus nootkatensis Donn ex Sims, Medicago × varia Martyn, Vicia sepium L., V. tenuifolia Roth, as well as for the indigenous Epilobium fauriei H. Lév. the chromosome numbers are revealed for the first time in the RFE. From Sakhalin the following species were first studied karyologically: Epilobium hornemannii Rchb., Melilotus officinalis (L.) Lam., Trifolium pratense L., Veronica schmidtiana Regel, from Moneron Isl. - Sagina crassicaulis S. Watson, from the Kurils - Aquilegia flabellata Siebold et Zucc., Epilobium amurense Hausskn., Luzula pallescens Sw., Trifolium pratense, from Khabarovskii Krai - Clintonia udensis Trautv. et C.A. Mey., and from Kamchatskii Krai - Vicia cracca L., Elymus sibiricus L., Alopecurus arundinaceus Poir., Berteroa incana (L.) DC. The chromosome number data are accompanied with the information on ecology and phytogeography of the species studied.

DOI 10.17581/bp.2017.06209