The types of Scoliidae (Hymenoptera), described by Eduard Eversmann, with some taxonomic notes and checklist of russian Scoliidae

Lelej A. S., Mokrousov M. V.

В журнале Far Eastern Entomologist

Год: 2017 Номер: 340 Страницы: 1-17

A review of type specimens of nine nominal taxa, described by E. Eversmann is given. The lectotypes are designated for Scolia grisea Eversmann, 1849, S. sareptana Eversmann, 1849, and S. schrenckii Eversmann, 1846. The neotype is designated for Vespa galbula Pallas, 1771. New synonymy is proposed for Colpa galbula (Pallas, 1771), comb. n. = Scolia sexmaculata Fabricius, 1781, syn. n., = S. interrupta Fabricius, 1781, syn. n., = S. sareptana Eversmann, 1849, syn. n.; Scolia quadricincta Scopoli, 1786, stat. resurr. = S. flaviceps Eversmann, 1846, syn. n. According to Articles, 23.9.2 of Code (ICZN, 1999) Scolia fallax Eversmann, 1849 is nomen protectum and has precedence over the older name Vespa tricolor Pallas, 1771, nomen oblitum. Checklist of Russian Scoliidae (5 genera, 20 species) is given.

DOI 10.25221/fee.340.1

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