Review of the genus Eopompilus Gussakovskij, 1932 (Hymenoptera: Pompilidae) with the description of new species from China

Loktionov V.M., Lelej A.S., Xu Z.-F.

В журнале Zootaxa

Год: 2017 Том: 4277 Номер: 3 Страницы: 413-426

The genus Eopompilus Gussakovskij, 1932 is reviewed. A new species, Eopompilus pseudominor Loktionov, Lelej & Xu, sp. nov. is described and illustrated from China, Yunnan. A new synonymy is proposed for E. minor Gussakovskij, 1932 =E. minor itoi Ishikawa, 1965, syn. nov. A lectotype of E. orientalis Gussakovskij, 1932 is designated. The distribution of E. minor Gussakovskij and E. luteus Lelej is enlarged to include China. Araneus ventricosus (L. Koch) (Araneae, Ara- neidae) is a newly recorded host for E. luteus. An updated diagnosis of the genus Eopompilus, and key to females and males are given.

DOI 10.11646/zootaxa.4277.3.6

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