Review of the genus Zeugomutilla Chen, 1957 (Hymenoptera, Mutillidae, Mutillini), with description of two new species

Lelej A.S., Williams K.A., Loktionov V.M., Pang H., Xu Z.

В журнале Zootaxa

Год: 2017 Том: 4247 Номер: 1 Страницы: 1-15

Eight species of Zeugomutilla Chen, 1957 are reviewed. Zeugomutilla angkorensis Williams, sp. nov. (Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam) and Z. pangi Lelej, sp. nov. (China: Hainan) are described and illustrated. A new combination is proposed for Z. spinulosa (Andre, 1898), comb. nov. (from Pristomutilla Ashmead, 1903). Zeugomutilla bainbriggei (Turner, 1911) and Z. horni (Andre, 1907) are newly recorded from India (Tamil Nadu), Z. pycnopyga Chen, 1957 is newly recorded from Thailand, and Z. saepes (Chen, 1957) from Cambodia and Thailand. An updated diagnosis of the genus and key to males and females are given.

DOI 10.11646/zootaxa.4247.1.1

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