Review of the genus Promecidia Lelej, 1996, with description of two new species from China (Hymenoptera, Mutillidae, Trogaspidiini)

Lelej A.S., Zhou H-t., Loktionov V.M., Xu Z.-f.

В журнале ZooKeys

Год: 2016 Номер: 641 Страницы: 103-120

Eleven species of Promecidia Lelej, 1996 are reviewed and keyed, and the diagnosis of the genus is given. The genus Promecidia is newly recorded from China and P. abnormis Lelej, sp. n. (China: Guangdong, Hainan) and P. chui Lelej & Xu, sp. n. (China: Yunnan, Hainan) are described and illustrated. New combination is proposed for P. boopis (Kohl, 1882), comb. n. (from the genus Petersenidia Lelej, 1996). New status is proposed for P. saturnia (Mickel, 1935), stat. n. and P. samawangensis (Mickel, 1935), stat. n.

DOI 10.3897/zookeys.641.10765

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