Bioinspired enzymatic synthesis of silica nanocrystals provided by recombinant silicatein from the marine sponge Latrunculia oparinae

Shkryl Y.N., Bulgakov V.P., Veremeichik G.N., Kovalchuk S.N., Kozhemyako V.B., Kamenev D.G., Semiletova I.V., Timofeeva Y.O., Shchipunov Y.A., Kulchin Y.N.

В журнале Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering

Год: 2016 Том: 39 Номер: 1 Страницы: 53-58

The process of silica formation in marine sponges is thought to be mediated by a family of catalytically active structure-directing enzymes called silicateins. It has been demonstrated in biomimicking syntheses that silicateins facilitated the formation of amorphous SiO2. Here, we present evidence that the silicatein LoSiLA1 from the marine sponge Latrunculia oparinae catalyzes the in vitro synthesis of hexa-tetrahedral SiO2 crystals of 200-300 nm. This was possible in the presence of the silica precursor tetrakis-(2-hydroxyethyl)-orthosilicate that is completely soluble in water and biocompatible, experiences hydrolysis-condensation at neutral pH and ambient conditions.

DOI 10.1007/s00449-015-1488-2