S. L. Kocharina

Biology and ecology of Stenopsyche marmorata Navas (Trichoptera: Stenopsychidae) in the Kedrovaya River (Russian Far East).

Number: 73, Pages: 1 - 16

This paper deals with some aspects of biology and ecology of the larva of the net-spinning caddisfly Stenopsyche marmorata, an important component of the zoobenthos of East Palearctic mountain and foothill streams. Data on the species life history, larval retreat construction and their food composition are given. Larval growth in natural population and under experimental conditions was studied. Correlation equations between body weight and length, and between body weight and the larvae head capsule length were obtained. Parameters in the equation relating absolute growth rate to body weight were calculated. Changes of calorific values, dry and wet body weights ratio and relative ash content were observed in the course of development. Based on the correlation of production and energy expenditure correlation a coefficient of assimilated food utilization on growth (K2) and growth-exchange coefficient (V) were obtained.

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