Ostroverkhova N.V., Kucher A.N., Konusova O.L., Sharakhov I.V.

The mpjp3 microsatellite marker: determination of honeybee subspecies or/and royal jelly productivity of bee colony

Number: 353, Pages: 24 - 28

The mrjp3 gene is a member of the mrjp-family that encodes Major Royal Jelly Proteins in bees. In the structure of the mrjp3 gene coding part, a repetitive region, designated as a microsatellite mrjp3 locus, is described. The variability of the mrjp3 micro­satellite locus in 575 honeybees from Siberia (Russia) was studied. In honeybees of different origin (evolutionary branches M and C) inhabited Siberia, the differences in the frequency of allele registration were revealed. The significance of the mrjp3 locus for determining the honeybee subspecies and/or royal jelly productivity of the bee colonies is discussed.  

DOI: http://doi.org/10.25221/fee.353.3

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