Gorovaya E.A.

Life history of Ameletus longulus Sinichenkova, 1981 (Ephemeroptera: Ameletidae) in a small stream in vicinity of Vladivostok

Number: 353, Pages: 17 - 23

The data on distribution and life history of Ameletus longulus Sinichenkova, 1981 (Ephemeroptera: Ameletidae) are given. This univoltine species overwinters in the nymphal stage. Eggs development is direct. Incubation of eggs lasts for about one month. Hatching of eggs takes place from May to July. The larval growth continues for about 320 days without winter diapause. Flying of imago is prolonged and takes from mid April to the beginning of June.

DOI: http://doi.org/10.25221/fee.353.2

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