Ozerov A.L., Krivosheina M.G.

To the knowledge of the genus Scatomyza Fallén, 1810 (Diptera: Scathophagidae) of Nepal

Number: 353, Pages: 1 - 16

Five species of the genus Scatomyza Fallén, 1810 from Nepal are reviewed. Generic and species descriptions and key to species are given, and data on distributions and biology are summarized. New synonymy is proposed: Scatomyza sinensis (Sun, 1996) = Scatomyza calceata (Ozerov, 2009), syn. n. Two species, Scatomyza nigrolineata Ozerov et Krivosheina, sp. n. and Scatomyza medvedevi Ozerov et Krivosheina, sp. n., are described. Scatomyza curtipilata Feng, 2002 is recorded from Nepal for the first time.

DOI: http://doi.org/10.25221/fee.353.1

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