Grichanov I.Ya.

A new genus and species of subfamily Medeterinae (Diptera: Dolichopodidae) from Tanzania

Number: 350, Pages: 9 - 16

Udzungwomyia morogoro Grichanov, gen. et sp. n. is described from Tanzania. Despite presence of distinct anterior preaрiсаl seta on mid and hind femora, the new genus is placed in the subfamily Medeterinae. It is considered close to the genus Neomedetera Zhu, Yang et Grootaert, 2007 but differs from the latter in acrostichal setae absent, lateral scutellars pre­sent, distal section of wing vein M subparallel to R4+5, male segments 6 and 7 of abdomen bare, male segment 8 setose. Neomedetera is characterized by acrostichal setae biseriate, by lateral scutellars absent, by distal section of wing vein M distinctly converging with R4+5, by male segments 6 and 7 setose, by male segment 8 bare. Udzungwomyia gen. n. belongs to a peculiar group of mainly medeterine genera with sym­metrical male postabdomen or nearly so, with epandrial foramen positioned basally. A key to six genera related to Udzungwomyia gen. n. is provided.


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