Volynkin A.V., Černý K.

On the taxonomy of the genus Barsine Walker, 1854 (Lepidoptera: Erebidae: Arctiinae)

Number: 346, Pages: 17 - 32

It is established that all previous records of Barsine spilosomoides for eastern Himalaya belong to females of Barsine defecta Walker, 1854, and records of B. defecta from Thailand and Vietnam belong to Barsine gratissima (de Joannis, 1930), comb. n. The new synonymy is established: B. defecta defecta Walker, 1854 = Lyclene indistincta Moore, 1878, syn. n., = Miltochrista magna Hampson, 1894, syn. n. Two new subspecies are described: B. defecta rubella Volynkin et Černý, subsp. n. (China: Yunnan) and B. gratissima versicolor Volynkin et Černý, subsp. n. (Thailand and Laos). Miltochrista spilosomoides (Moore, 1878) is transferred here to the genus Barsine; moreover, B. linga spilosomoides (Moore, 1878), comb. et stat. n. is considered only as a subspecies of Barsine linga Moore, 1859. Barsine kulingensis (Daniel, 1952), comb. et stat. n., previously treated as a subspecies of Miltochrista spilosomoides, is upgraded here to the species level. The species status of Barsine gilveola (Daniel, 1952), comb. n. is confirmed. The lectotype of Miltochrista magna Hampson, 1894 is designated. The male and female genitalia of B. gratissima and B. linga spilosomoides are illustrated for the first time. Diagnoses for all included in paper species are given.  

DOI: http://doi.org/10.25221/fee.346.3

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