V. A. Mutin

Hover-flies (Diptera, Syrphidae) collected in Kuril Islands in 1998, with the description of a new species.

Number: 80, Pages: 1 - 8

The list of 64 species of syrphids collected by participants of IKIP-98 in Kuril Islands is given. Criorhina kurilensis sp. n. from Iturup is described. Syrphus admirandus, Eupeodes (Lapposyrphus) lapponicus, Xanthandrus comtus, Melanostoma orientale are newly recorded for the Kuril Islands. The hover-flies are firstly recorded for the Anuchina, Tanfil'eva, Polonskogo islands. Fourteen species are new for Iturup, ten for Shikotan, five for Yury and at one for Kunashir and Zeleny.

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