A. S. Lelej

A review of Palaearctic and Oriental species of the genus Nemka Lelej with description of Oriental genus Mickelomyrme gen. n. (Hymenoptera, Mutillidae).

Number: 6, Pages: 1 - 20

Thirteen species of genus Nemka are reviewed and key to the species is given. New species N. pagdeni sp. n. from South China (Yunnan) and hitherto unknown female of N. aurantiaca (Skor.) are described. New synonymy is proposed for Nemka Lelej, 1985, stat. n. = Horaia Tsuneki, 1993, syn. n. and N. wotani (Zav., 1913) = Smicromyrme yasumatsui Mickel, 1936, syn. n. Mating flight and most probable host of N. aurantiaca are recorded. New genus Mickelomyrme gen. n. (type species – Mutilla hageni Zav.) close to Nemka and including 8 known Oriental species, is described.

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