S. Yu. Storozhenko

Review of the pygmy grasshoppers of the tribe Cleostratini (Orthoptera: Tetrigidae).

Number: 326, Pages: 1 - 44

Cleostratini treated not as subfamily but as tribe only belongs to subfamily Metrodorinae (Orthoptera: Tetrigidae). New synonymy is established: Cleostratini Bolívar, 1887 = Miriatrini Cadena-Castañeda et Cordona, 2015, syn. n.; Rhopalina Tinkham, 1939 = Corystotettix Günther, 1939, syn. n.; Rhopalina javana Tinkham, 1939 = Corystotettix javanicus Günther, 1939, syn. n. Three new genera and four new species are described: Apteromystrum gen. n. (type species: Metopomystrum apterum Günther , 1939), Halmahera gen. n. (type species: Halmahera nana sp. n.), Uvarovithyrsus gen. n. (type species: Thyrsus uvarovi Günther, 1935), Miriatroides kannackiensis sp. n., Rhopalotettix tinkhami sp. n., and Rostella gorochovi sp. n. Eight new combinations are proposed. Miriatroides Zheng et Jiang, 2002, nom. resurr. is considered as distinct genus, not as a synonym of Spadotettix Hancock, 1910. An annotated list of the genera and species of Cleostratini is given and a key to genera is provided.