Z. A. Zhigulskaya, Y. V. Ermakova and E. N. Meshcheryakova

Cold tolerance and distribution of the bush-cricket Gampsocleis sedakovii (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae) in Yakutia.

Number: 322, Pages: 1 - 10

The cold hardiness of overwintering eggs of Gompsocles sedakovii is studied. The mean super cooling points (SCP) of the eggs was –35.4°C and varied from –23.1 to –40.7°C. On average, the SCP of the eggs of G. sedakovii were 3-5 °C lower than in any of the earlier studied 16 species of Orthoptera. Thus, G. sedakovii is the one of the most cold tolerant species of the Orthoptera, and cold hardiness cannot limit its distribution in Yakutia.

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