A. S. Lelej, V. M. Loktionov and P. Rosa

The types of Pompilidae (Hymenoptera), described by Eduard Eversmann in the Zoological Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Number: 319, Pages: 1 - 14

A review of type specimens of eleven nominal taxa, described by E. Eversmann is given. The lectotypes are designated for Pompilus fasciatus Eversmann, 1849, P. rubellus Eversmann, 1846, P. ruficeps Eversmann, 1849, P. strigosus Eversmann, 1849, P. variabilis Eversmann, 1849, and Priocnemis flavus Eversmann, 1849. New synonymy is proposed for Arachnotheutes rufithorax (Costa, 1881) = Pompilus affinis Eversmann, 1849 (nom. praeocc., nec Vander Linden, 1827), syn. n.; Eoferreola rhombica (Christ, 1791) = Pompilus fasciatus Eversmann, 1849, syn. n.; Eoferreola variabilis (Eversmann, 1849) = Ferreola distincta Smith, 1855, syn. n. Two species are reinstated in the genus Lophopompilus Radoszkowski, 1887: L. grandis (Eversmann, 1846), stat. resurr., comb. n. and L. unicinctus (Pérez, 1905), stat. resurr., comb. n. New combination is proposed for Cryptocheilus (Adonta) strigosus (Eversmann, 1849), comb. n. Key to four Palaearctic species of Lophopompilus is given.

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