S. A. Belokobylskij and V. I. Tobias

On the braconid wasps of the subfamily Alysiinae (Hymenoptera, Braconidae) from Kuril Islands.

Number: 47, Pages: 1 - 17

Ten new species of Alysiinae from North and Central Kuril Islands are described: Alloea veles sp. n., Anisocyrta shelichovi sp. n., Pentapleura aino sp. n., Dacnusa (Dacnusa) leleji sp. n., D. (Pachysema) paramushirica sp. n ., D. (P.) kurilensis sp. n., D. (P.) arkadii sp. n., D. (P.) fumicoxa sp. n., Exotela urupica sp. n., Chorebus (Phaenolexis) nomioides sp. n. The species Alysia umbrata Stelfox, Phaenocarpa angustiptera Papp, Exotela sonchina Griffiths, Chorebus (Stiphocera) deione (Nixon), Ch. (Etriptes) asperrimus Griffiths, Ch. (E.) rhanis (Nixon), Ch. (E.) subasper Griffiths, and Ch. (E.) talaris Haliday are recorded for the first time for the Russian fauna; Alysia incongrua (Nees), Aphaereta tenuicornis Nixon, Pentapleura pumilio (Nees), Ph. fidelis Fischer, Ph. ruficeps (Nees), Synaldis concolor (Nees), and Ch. (S.) venustus (Tobias) are recorded for the first time for the fauna of the Russian Far East.

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