Yu. M. Marusik, M. M. Omelko and S. Koponen

Rare and new for the fauna of the Russian Far East spiders (Aranei).

Number: 317, Pages: 1 - 15

Five species, Acantholycosa baltoroi (Caporiacco, 1935), Agroeca montana Hayashi, 1986, Mimetus testaceus Yaginuma, 1960, Moneta caudifera (Dönitz et Strand, 1906), Oreonetides longembolus Wunderlich et Li, 1995 and one genus, Moneta O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1870, are reported in Russia for the first time. Mimetus Hentz, 1832 was found for the first time in the Asian part of Russia. New distribution records are provided for Eskovina clava (Zhu et Wen, 1980), Gongylidioides ussuricus Eskov, 1992, Leucauge subblanda Bösenberg et Strand, 1906, L. subgemmea Bösenberg et Strand, 1906 and Neottiura margarita (Yoshida, 1985). The female of Oreonetides longembolus is described for the first time, and the taxonomic position of this species is discussed. Diagnostic features are illustrated for all species in the paper.

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