A. S. Lelej, A. V. Fateryga and S. P. Ivanov

The velvet ants (Hymenoptera: Mutillidae) of the Crimean Peninsula.

Number: 314, Pages: 1 - 24

The review of 38 species in 15 genera of Mitillidae is given. The distribution of the genus Ctenotilla Bischoff, 1920 and six species and one subspecies in Russia are limited by the Crimean Peninsula only. The new synonymy is proposed for Nemka viduata viduata (Pallas, 1773) = Mutilla simplica Radoszkowski, 1865, syn. n., = M. pauperata Sichel et Radoszkowski, 1869, syn. n. The status of Mutilla petiolata Baer, 1846 is reinstated in the genus Dasylabris Radoszkowski, 1885: D. petiolata (Baer, 1848), stat. resurr., comb. n. and new synonymy is proposed: D. petiolata Baer, 1848 = D. italica var. miogramma Skorikov, 1935, syn. n. The lectotype is designated for Mutilla simplica Radoszkowski, 1865 and neotype is designated for Mutilla petiolata Baer, 1848. Physetopoda scutellaris (Latreille, 1792) is newly recorded from Crimea. The extralimital new records are: Smicromyrme tristis Lelej, 1984 from Czech Republic, Slovakia and Bulgaria and Skorikovia pliginskiji (Lelej, 1984) from Czech Republic and Bulgaria. The number of species and genera in the fauna of Russia increased up to 66 and 18 correspondently.

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