I. Ya. Grichanov, R. S. Capellari and D. J. Bickel

New and little-known species of the genus Urodolichus Lamb, 1922 (Diptera: Dolichopodidae).

Number: 310, Pages: 1 - 10

Urodolichus villosiceps sp. n. is described from New Guinea Island (Papua Province of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea). Three new combinations are proposed: Nematoproctus iulilamellatus Wei, 2006 = Urodolichus iulilamellatus (Wei, 2006), comb. n., Nematoproctus javanus de Meijere, 1916 = Urodolichus javanus (de Meijere, 1916), comb. n., Nematoproctus kubani Olejnícek, 2002 = Urodolichus kubani (Olejnícek, 2002), comb. n.; latter species is recorded from Cambodia for the first time. Urodolichus keiseri (Hollis, 1964) is firstly recorded from India, Malaysia, Philippines and Vietnam. Key to the Australasian and Oriental species of Urodolichus is provided.

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