A. P. Rasnitsyn and D. S. Aristov

Revision of the palaeozoic order Paoliida (Insecta).

Number: 309, Pages: 1 - 13

The order Paoliida (Insecta) is revised. A single family, Paoliidae from the Carboniferous of the United States and Europe, is included in this order. The order Paoliida is assigned to the infraclass Gryllones as the only order of the superorder Paoliidea Handlirsch, 1906, stat. n. T he family Katerinkidae is synonymised under Paoliidae. The families Blatinopseidae stat. resurr., Ideliidae, and Herbstialidae stat. resurr. are excluded from Paoliidae and placed in the orders Blattinopseida, Eoblattida and Cnemidolestida respectively. The family Paoliidae consists of 11 genera from the Carboniferous of North America and Europe.

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