I. A. Belousov and I. I. Kabak

Revision of the genus Kozlovites Jeannel, 1935 with description of a new genus of the tribe Trechini (Coleoptera: Carabidae).

Number: 308, Pages: 1 - 32

The genus Kozlovites (Carabidae: Trechini) is revised. A new synonymy is proposed: Kozlovites Jeannel 1935 = Deuveotrechus Uéno, 1995 , syn. n. Four new species of the genus Kozlovites are described from Yunnan Province, China: K. major sp. n., K. modestus sp. n., K. niger sp. n., and K. amplipennis sp. n. Two species, Kozlovites yuae Deuve, 1992, comb. resurr. and K. caviceps Jeannel, 1935, are redescribed based on studying their type specimens. Key to species of Kozlovites is given. A new genus Uenoites gen. n. (type species: Deuveotrechus yinae Uéno, 1996) is established for four Chinese species and new combinations are proposed: Deuveotrechus yinae Uéno, 1996 = Uenoites yinae (Uéno, 1996), comb. n., Stevensius gregoryi Jeannel, 1937 = Deuveotrechus gregoryi (Jeannel, 1937) = Uenoites gregoryi (Jeannel, 1937), comb. n., Deuveotrechus grebennikovi Deuve, 2011 = Uenoites grebennikovi (Deuve, 2011), comb. n., Queinnectrechus jiuhecola Deuve et Kavanaugh, 2015 = Uenoites jiuhecola (Deuve et Kavanaugh, 2015), comb. n.

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