V. A. Mutin, J. van Steenis, W. van Steenis, C. Palmer, S. Bot, J. Skevington, G. Merkel-Wallner, M. P. van Zuijen, Th. Zeegers, A. Ssymank and X. Mengual

Syrphid fauna (Diptera: Syrphidae) of Tumnin River basin, the eastern macroslope of the northern Sikhote-Alin, Russia.

Number: 306, Pages: 1 - 31

An annotated list of the 236 hoverflies species belonging to 61 genera which have been found in the basin of the Tumnin River (Khabarovskii krai) is given. Paragus albifrons (Fallén, 1817) and Cheilosia rufimana Becker, 1894 are recorded for the first time from the Russian Far East. One new synonym is proposed: Pipiza quadrimaculata (Panzer, 1804) = Pipiza mutini Violovitsh, 1985 syn. n. The local faunas of the Sikhote-Alin Mountains are compared.

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