A. V. Gorochov

Taxonomy of the katydids (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae) from East Asia and adjacent islands. Communication 10.

Number: 304, Pages: 1 - 32

Two new genera (Epiproctopsis gen. n. and Borneopsis gen. n.) and 16 new species and subspecies from the genera Xiphidiopsis Redt., Alloteratura Heb. and Kuzicus Gor. are described from Malaysia and Indonesia: Epiproctopsis silvamontana sp. n.; Borneopsis divulsa sp. n.; B. contigua sp. n.; Xiphidiopsis tembelingi sp. n.; X. beybienkoi mada subsp. n.; X. b. thaica subsp. n.; X.? jugata sp. n.; Alloteratura breviuscula sp. n.; A. sarawaki sp. n.; A. eubispina sp. n.; A. megaspina sp. n.; A. longicercata sulawesi subsp. n.; A. parvispina sp. n.; A. triloba allopatrica subsp. n., A. vietnami sp. n.; Kuzicus? mirus sp. n. One former genus is reduced up to a subgenus (Meconemopsis Karny, stat. n.) of the genus Alloteratura. A previously unknown male of A. curta Gor. is also described. New data on geographic distribution, morphological characters and generic belonging of some other species are given.

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