E. A. Makarchenko, L. E. Kerkis and O. V. Ivanchenko

Morpho-karyological description of Pagastia altaica sp. n. (Diptera, Chironomidae) from Altai Mountains, with the key to Holarctic species of Pagastia Oliver.

Number: 43, Pages: 1 - 8

The description of male and karyotype of fourth instar larva of Pagastia altaica sp. n. (subfam. Diamesinae) from Katun' River (Altai Mountains) are given. New species resembles P. orientalis (Tshern.), but differs by structure of male hypopygium and by karyotype of larva, which consists of the four pairs of chromosomes (one metacentric, two submetacentrics and one acrocentric). Three long polytene and a "pompon"–like chromosomes are detected in the salivary gland cells. A series of chromosome markers are described.

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