Li-Mei Li, Jun-Yan Su and Yu-Xia Yang

Description of female genitalia of t welve species of Lycocerus Gorham (Coleoptera, Cantharidae).

Number: 300, Pages: 1 - 11

The female genitalia for twelve species of Lycocerus Gorham from China are described and photographed, including L. centrochinensis (Švihla, 2004), L. confossicollis (Fairmaire, 1891), L. bilineatus (Wittmer, 1995), L. kiontochanaus (Pic, 1921), L. metallicipennis (Fairmaire, 1887), L. malaisei (Wittmer, 1995), L. pubicollis (Heyden, 1889), L. nigeroverticalis (Fairmaire, 1881), L. metallescens fukienensis (Wittmer, 1954), L. asperipennis (Fairmaire, 1891), L. orientalis (Gorham, 1889), and L. inopaciceps (Pic, 1926). Key to the Chinese species of Lycocerus based on female genitalia is provided.

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