S. Yu. Storozhenko

Classification of the order Grylloblattida (Insecta), with description of new taxa.

Number: 42, Pages: 1 - 20

A review of the system of the order Grylloblattida is made. There are three suborders: Lemmatophorina (with 5 Carboniferous – Triassic families), Protoperlina (with 16 Carboniferous – Lower Cretaceous families) and Grylloblattina (with 23 Permian – Lower Cretaceous families and 1 recent one). Fore new families are established: Aliculidae fam. n., Idelinellidae fam. n., Pinideliidae fam. n. and Kortshakoliidae fam. n. Alicula asiatica sp. n. is described from Upper Permian of Kazakhstan. New synonymies are proposed: Euryptilonidae Martynov, 1940 = Stereopteridae Carpenter, 1950, syn. n.; Geinitzia Handlirsch, 1906 = Hannoptera Bode, 1953, syn. n. ; Geinitzia varia Bode, 1953 = Hannoptera promota Bode, 1953, syn. n.; Shurabia Martynov, 1937 = Nivoptera Lin, 1978, syn. n. = Meixiella Huang, Li et Lin, 1991, syn. n. The genera Blania Kukalova, 1964, Karaungirella Storozhenko, 1991, Maculopterum Kukalova, 1964, Oborella Kukalova, 1964, Quercopterum Kukalova, 1964, Sharovipterum Kukalova, 1964, Torrentopterum Kukalova, 1964 and Villopterum Kukalova, 1964 are transferred from Lemmatophoridae to Euryptilonidae. New combinations are proposed: Shurabia postiretis (Huang, Li et Lin, 1991), comb. n., Shurabia nanshenghuensis (Lin, 1978), comb. n. and Shurabia fuyuanensis (Lin, 1978), comb. n. Families Permembiidae (order Miomoptera) and Sheimiidae (order Embioptera) are removed to order Grylloblattida. Family Permotermopsidae is considered as distinct family (not synonym of Ideliidae). All known genera of each grylloblattid family are listed. Lists of grylloblattids of uncertain position and taxa erroneously included in Grylloblattida are given.

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