V. G. Chemyreva

The genus Entomacis Foerster, 1856 (Hymenoptera, Diapriidae) in the Eastern Palaearctic.

Number: 294, Pages: 1 - 22

Eleven species of the genus Entomacis Foerster from Japan, South Korea and China are reviewed. Five new species are described and illustrated: E. leptos sp. n. (South Korea, Japan), E. alticeps sp. n. (Japan), E. leptocera sp. n. (South Korea, Japan), E. laticeps sp. n. (Japan), E. canonica sp. n. (Japan, China). Entomacis kasparyani Chemyreva, E. graeffei Kieffer and E. platyptera (Haliday) are newly recorded from South Korea, Japan and China, E. curticera Chemyreva from South Korea and Japan, E. penelope Nixon and E. perplexa (Haliday) from Japan.

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