S. L. Kocharina

The allometric larval growth of some species of rheophilous caddisflies (Trichoptera) in Kedrovaya River (Russian Far East).

Number: 39, Pages: 1 - 8

The correlation between body weight of caddis larvae and their lenght, and also body weight and wodth (or length) of head capsule of 7 rheophilous species (Stenopsyche marmorata, Arctopsyche palpata, Hydropsyche orientalis, Apsilochorema sutshanum, Rhyacophila impar, Rh. narvae and Neophylax ussuriensis) is studied. Based on correlation of larval body weight and body lenght two types of allometric growth are found, i.e. isometry and negative allometry. Isometrical growth pointed out in the larvae of Apsilochorema sutshanum only. The body form of other species changed during growth. Three types of equations of the correlation between body weight and width (or length) of the3 head capsule of larvae were obtained.

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