M. K. Childebaev, I. I. Temreshev and S. V. Kolov

To the synonymy of Angaracris barabensis (Pallas, 1773) (Orthoptera, Acrididae) with clarifying the peculiarities of its feeding and distribution.

Number: 263, Pages: 1 - 7

The specimens of Angaracris barabensis (Pallas, 1773) with dark hind wings are found beside specimens with light wings in the same locality of Pavlodar region in Kazakhstan. New synonymy is proposed: Angaracris barabensis (Pallas, 1773) = Angaracris nigripennis Lian et Zheng, 1984, syn. n. New data on nutrition and distribution of A. barabensis in Kazakhstan are given.

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