V. V. Zherikhin

A revised key to the genera of weevils of the subfamily Baridinae (Coleoptera: Barididae) of Russian Far East.

Number: 38, Pages: 1 - 6

A revised key to the genera of Baridinae occurring in the Russian Far East is given. Genera Calyptopygus, Pellobaris, Nespilobaris, Moreobaris and Pharcidobaris are newly recorded to the Russia. Paracythopeus and Acythopeus not occur in the Russian Far East. The new synonym of Dendrobaris Egorov, 1976, stat. n. (= Spilobaris Morimoto et Yoshihara, 1996, syn. n.) and new combinations: Calyptopygus albosparsus (Reitter, 1910), comb. n.; Dendrobaris tatjanae (Egorov, 1976), comb. n.; D. kurentzovi (Egorov, 1976), comb. n.; D. insularis (Morimoto et Miyakawa, 1985), comb. n.; D. maculata (Roelofs, 1879), comb. n.; D. flavosignata (Roelofs, 1979), comb. n.; Moreobaris repandirostris (V. Zaslavskij, 1956), comb. n.; Nespilobaris accidirostris (V. Zaslavskij, 1956) comb. n. and Pharcidobaris suvorovi (Reitter, 1910), comb. n. are proposed.

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