P. G. Nemkov and A. S. Lelej

Phylogenetic relationships and classification of the digger wasps tribe Gorytini (Hymenoptera: Sphecidae, Nyssoninae).

Number: 37, Pages: 1 - 14

The digger wasps tribe Gorytini is reviewd, with an extensive reevaluation of generic groupings. Phylogenetic analysis of thirty-three genera, with hypothetical ancestor as outgroup, reveal the relationships: (Ancestor + Clitemnestrina) + {Olgia + (Argogorytina + <Exeirus + (Handlirschia + Gorytina)>}. A tree generated from 33 genera yielded a length of 86 steps and CI of 0,45. The tribe Gorytini id divided into six subtribes: Clitemnistrina subtribe n., Olgiina subtribe n., Argogorytina subtribe n., Exeirina Dalla Torre, Handlirschiana subtribe n., and Gorytina Lep. The key to subtribes is given.

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