V. A. Trjapitzin

On the genus Metablastothrix Sugonjaev, 1964 and its far eastern representative M. isomorpha isomorpha Sugonjaev, 1964 (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae).

Number: 250, Pages: 7 - 10

Complicated and confused history of investigation of the Holarctic genus Metablastothrix is discussed. The data on M. isomorpha Sugonjaev, 1964 (Palaearctic) and M. claripennis (Compere, 1928) (Nearctic) are given. First species includes subspecies M. isomorpha isomorpha Sugonjaev, 1964 and M. isomorpha trichomasthoides (Hoffer, 1965). New synonymy is proposed for Apterencyrtus trichomasthoides Hoffer, 1965 = Metablastothrix isomorpha occidentalis Voinovich, Trjapitzin et Sugonyaev, 1996, syn. n. Metablastothrix claripennis includes subspecies M. claripennis claripennis (Compere, 1928) and M. claripennis claricoxa Sugonjaev, 1988. The larvae of Metablastothrix develop in larvae of other encyrtids, endoparasitoids of Coccidae. Only M. isomorpha isomorpha is known from the Russian Far East.

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