T. I. Arefina, V. D. Ivanov and I. M. Levanidova

Six new species and three new records of caddisflies (Insecta, Trichoptera) from the Far East of Russia, with remarks on Hyalopsyche sachalinica Martynov.

Number: 34, Pages: 1 - 12

Six new species: Dolophilodes affinis Levanidova et Arefina, sp. n., D. kunashirensis Ivanov, sp. n., Cheumatopsyche daurensis Ivanov, sp. n., Lype daurica Ivanov et Levanidova, sp. n., Psychomyia birushka Arefina et Levanidova, sp. n., and Limnephilus tiunovae Arefina et Levanidova, sp. n. are described from the south part of the Russian Far East. Tree species are newly recorded to Russia: Ecnomus yamashironis Tsuda, Micrasema hanasensis Tsuda and Pseudostenophylax reideli Botosaneanu. New synonymy is proposed: Hyalopsyche sachalina Martynov, 1910 = H. amurensis Martynov, 1934, syn. n.

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